With our fleet of small expedition ships we take you to the hidden fjords and coves in the Arctic

M/K Viken

The ship was built in Norway in 1958 as a fishing vessel now completely refurbished and now has a career as a small and comfortable expedition ship.

M/K Viken is a nice little expedition cruise vessel perfectly designed to explore the hidden fjord and coves in northern Norwey.

MS Polarstar

MS Polarstar was built in 1948 for Seal hunting purpose in the ice of east Greenland. After the seal hunting periode that was finished back in the 1980´s the ship have been used in tourism and as a Sysselmann-ship in Svalbard. Now its refurbished at a cost of 20 mill NOK and looks like new. Everything in the engine room is new and the ship is very good maintained. Polarstar is built for use in the ice and Arctic Wildlife Tours will use it like that. With its high ice-class hull and engine of 2000 hp its very suitable in Svalbard.

The skipper and crew will be people from Norway that have experience from from the seal hunting period. This will ensure very experienced and skilled people that will sail the MS Polarstar through the icy waters around Svalbard.


Yacht Kinfish

Today MV Kinfish stands out as a high class expedition yacht perfect for operations in Arctic waters. Beutifully rebuilt with room for 12 passangers, with private facilities. She is now ready to deliver adventures into smaller fjords and coves along the Arctic coast of mainland Norway
PERIOD: 1 .October 2018 – 31.March 2019